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We Value Clients by Providing Expert Service


Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Our agents are independent Medicare specialists educated on Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance plans.


Medicare provides good health coverage, but it does not cover everything. Working together we will explain Medicare and help identify a Medicare Supplement plan that best meets your needs and objectives. 

Life Ins

Life Insurance

Life insurance serves many purposes such as mortgage protection, final expense coverage, maintaining a standard of living for your dependents,providing a legacy, etc.

Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance

Funeral costs, final medical bills, miscellaneous debts and other expenses are a few items that final expense insurance can assist with; your family will need to take care of these expenses in your absence.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection

In many cases, the death of an income earner can lead to a financial burden for the family such as making ongoing mortgage payments. By choosing mortgage protection insurance, it gives you the ability to take actions now to protect and continue to provide for your family's mortgage payments when you are gone.


Dental Insurance

Good dental care can effect your overall health and appearance. However, many folks, especially in retirement, neglect their dental care. At Infinity, we offer dental plans to meet your specific needs.

​There are many types of dental coverage - some provide multiple benefits including dental, vision, and hearing, other plans focus on specific dental needs like cleanings, x-rays and periodic routine maintenance, other coverage provide routine maintenance, fillings, extractions, dentures, root canals, implants, etc.


Dental plans can have no networks (you choose the dentist), a network (usually offers additional savings) or a Dental Discount plan (not insurance) that provides percentage discounts for various dental procedures usually at a very low cost. 

Disability Ins

Disability Insurance

In most cases, your #1 financial asset is your ability to earn a living. A disability insurance policy protects against the loss of income if you cannot work due to an injury or illness.  Many experts feel that having the correct disability insurance policy is of major importance in your portfolio.


If you are disabled and cannot work how will you pay monthly bills, other expenses, and future responsibilities? 


A disability can result from an illness (cancer, stroke, etc.) or accident (car accident, paralyzing sports-related injury, etc.).

Long Term
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Long Term & Home Health Care Insurance

Long-term Care (LTC) is ongoing services and support required by people for an extended period of time because of medical, physical, and/or cognitive impairment – usually in a Nursing Home. A long-term-care insurance policy can help cover the cost associated with long-term care and it usually provides an “in-home” Home Health Care benefit.

In 2017, depending on your location, the costs for skilled nursing care may cost $100,000 annually. Can your savings cover Long Term Care cost? Infinity Insurance and Retirement Specialist will review your specific situation and desires to meet your and your family's needs and objectives.  


We will discuss LTC coverage options such as:

1) A Standalone Long-Term- Care (LTC) Policy (with Home Health Care Benefits) or "hybrid" solutions like,

2) Annuity with LTC option

3) A Life Insurance Policy with LTC rider 

There are pros and cons with each of the above; we’ll jointly determine the best plan for you and your family.



There are many different types of annuities that are designed to meet different objectives. Annuities grow tax-deferred at a fixed rate, via an index, or other method and also can provide an income stream for your lifetime.  


At Infinity, we will review your individual situation, risk tolerance, and ensure an annuity, if any, can satisfy your goals and objectives.  

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